ewT personnel changes header


Add a eWT user

Do you have a completely new Educator that will be observed? Click the button to ADD a brand new Educator to your eWalkThrough® System. 


name change eWT user

Did someone change their name? Click the button to submit a name and email address change to an existing observer OR educator. 


archive an eWT user

Do you have an Educator in your system that will no longer be observed in your building? Click the button to archive an Educator within your eWalkThrough® System. 


add an eWT observer

Do you have a new Observer? Click the button to add a new Observer to your eWalkThrough® System.

Archive an Existing Observer

archive an ewt observer

Do you have an Observer that no longer needs access to your eWalkThrough® system? Click the button to archive an Observer. 

Moving Existing Educators within your eWalkThrough® System

Add a Building or Class

add a eWT building or class

Do you have an educator who needs added to an additional building and/or additional class/group?

Move an Educator
WITHIN a Building

move eWT within building

Do you need to move an educator in a building from one class/group to another class/group? 

Move an Educator to a
NEW Building

move an eWT building

This form is for moving an educator in your district from one building to another building.

Access Levels for Observers

There are several different access levels for Observers in the eWalkThrough® system. When adding a new observer, please choose from one of the access levels below. 

District/Institution Observer--This user has access to complete walkthroughs on anyone in their system, and to view data across all buildings/campuses, including at the individual teacher level. Typically this access level is for Superintendents and Curriculum Directors. 

School/Building Observer - This user has access to complete walkthroughs on anyone in their system, and to view data for the building(s) with which they are identified/associated with and the teachers within building(s). This level is typically for Principals and/or Building Leaders. Note--If an observer needs access to more than one building, but not ALL buildings, that can be done--let Megan know which buildings to add to the observer's account.

Observer - This user can complete walkthroughs on anyone in the system, but cannot access data or reports.

Teacher Observer - This user can complete walkthroughs on anyone in the system, and can access data/reports on the walkthroughs that have been completed ON THEMSELVES by other observers. 

ViewOnly - This user can complete walkthroughs on anyone, but the data doesn't store. It is typically used for training sessions, or when showcasing how the tool works.