New Teacher Bootcamp 101

These sessions are designed for FIRST-YEAR educators
eager to kickstart their teaching career on the right foot!
This series is designed to specifically empower and equip new teachers with the skills and strategies needed to thrive in year one!

Join any one or all sessions!

9/28/23 - Session 1 of 4
11/29/23 - Session 2 of 4
2/8/24 - Session 3 of 4
4/25/24 - Session 4 of 4

New Teacher Bootcamp 201

These sessions are for new teachers in year 2 (or slightly beyond) of their career in education. The focus will be based on audience needs but will plan to focus on lesson planning, standards alignment,
balanced assessments and classroom management.

Join any one or all sessions!

10/19/23 - Session 1 of 2
2/12/24 - Session 2 of 2