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In education, we collect endless data regarding student achievement. For example, we know how students performed on the third-grade reading assessment. However, we often don't know what happened instructionally in the third-grade classroom that contributed to student performance. Southwest Plains has developed an online system that provides over 80 different districts and universities with real-time information about what's happening in the classroom. 

Over 10 years ago, a small but mighty team of educational consultants in Southwest Kansas took up the challenge to provide timely and effective instructional support. The result of this work was eWalkThrough® - grassroots and locally designed. 

  • Web-based and customizable - any organization can outline its own unique initiatives and priorities. These tenets become the observable data pointImages ("look-fors") in the eWalkThrough® system. Once programmed, these items are shared with your team for observer calibration & immediate implementation. 

  • Disaggregate, analyze, and archive data - eWalkThrough® is a cloud-based storage system that has power - store individual data, run reports for further data analysis, and spot trends and patterns within groups or subsets of information. 

  • Immediate and continuous feedback - Results of eWalkThrough® observation systems are available in real-time - share with observer teams and teachers for a transparent system that bolsters clarity and confidence in your building. This confidence can empower teachers to deliver excellent instruction to support student success. 

"The eWalkThrough® observation system is a research-based, strategy to improve classroom instruction by providing a forum for reflective practice...it provides administrators with consistent language for engaging instructors..in practice-focused conversations." - Sue Givens, former Superintendent for El Dorado Public Schools, KS


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  • Drop-down, user-friendly menus

  • Tiered access levels

  • Smart-filtering for powerful data disaggregation

  • Dynamic, easy to read reporting

  • Instant email feedback

  • Archival feather for longitudinal data review



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Want to learn more about how eWalkThrough® is being utilized for observation around the nation to observe Coaches, Custodians, Paraprofessionals, Student Teachers? 

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eWalkthrough®: Digital System for Instructional Leadership has provided a wealth of information for educators across the nation to learn how to design and implement an effective classroom walkthrough system. CLICK THE BOOK COVER TO ORDER YOUR COPY through our Amazon affiliate store

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