steam camp

day camps for Students

Southwest Plains holds a STEAM camp for students each here on-site at our headquarters every May. Students are organized by age/grade level and engage in half-day, hands-on STEAM experiences. During camp, students will rotate through engaging, hands-on, project-based centers to practice coding skills, math and science skills, and building simple machines. 

Southwest Plains can also bring this to-the-door at your school. It's a popular service on the last day of school for the semester instead of the typical 'movie day', and a hit with kids and teachers alike!

redesign for a culture of steam

Spark a STEAM revolution in your buildings! During this 1-day workshop, teachers will explore STEAM learning in the classroom with a variety of hands-on activities and can culminate in a 1 day on-site STEAM Camp for your students! Available to-the-door or held annual at Southwest Plains.