Resume & Application Services

Customized & Confidential - Professional Service for Administrators

Do you need help preparing your letter and resume to apply for a new position and to improve the odds that your application will move to the "top of the stack"? This service from Southwest Plains currently has a 100% SUCCESS RATE!

"Making the first cut is crucial. Dr. Jenkins coached me step-by-step in my quest to land the interview I knew was within reach. My resume, letter of interest, and the narrative I produced went from bland to bold. Ultimately, it helped me land a fresh start with a new team and seven new bosses. #priceless"

Three step process

  1. Register & submit draft application documents for review
  2. Dr. Sue Jenkins will edit and make recommendations
  3. Together you will complete revisions for a final review. 
"What I spent for the Southwest Plains resume support I earned back in two weeks with the pay increase in my new position!"

All inquiries are kept private and confidential. Includes a 30-day window with 3 revisions. Dr. Jenkins has 25 years experience as a job coach & editor. She supports professionals with customized preparation of application materials; selection and communication with references; and readiness for telephone and face-to-face interviews. This service has a $350 flat rate. 

"The assistance I received from Dr. Jenkins to complete my resume and application for a superintendent opening was invaluable. Her critiques transformed by application materials. My professional statements and resume stood out among the rest!"