Poverty Simulations

32.9 million Americans, 11.7 of whom are children under 18, live in poverty every day. Many more are just above the poverty line and have incomes low enough to qualify for government assistance. It is often difficult for someone who doesn't live poverty to understand the frustrations, fears, and tough decisions that people living in poverty face every day.

In our Community Action Poverty Simulation, staff and/or community stakeholders will experience the daily, urgent stressors of living in poverty for a month in this simulated event. Participants achieve a set of goals based on the monthly income of a family in poverty by role-playing a family member or community resource provider. Orientation discussion gives participants facts about poverty and their assigned roles.  Following the simulation, participants self-reflect by identifying individual and community challenges, thereby allowing implementation of a call-to-action in their own lives and professional practice. 

Southwest Plains requires a minimum of 50 participations for a simulation (and a maximum of 100). Simulations are typically held in large areas such as a gymnasium or large cafeteria setting, and can be done in 1/2 and full day scenarios, depending on location & timing. 

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