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...the Calendar is now called "Workshop Schedule". Click to see workshop details & to register....Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge Posters now available! See Current Highlights for details....

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We're working on redesigning our website to have a few simple divisions and actually make it easier to find the content you need.
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The Calendar has been changed to  Inserted Image.  Click the button on the right-hand side to see workshop descriptions and to register.
Still having trouble finding what you need?  Call Patty at 675-8833 (or toll free 1-800-728-1022)

KCCR Poster Series

Southwest Plains has created a great new resource for the classroom:  The Kansas College & Career Ready Poster Series . Each 18x24 poster comes fully laminated  and allows ready access to the KCCR standards  for instructional support with write on/erase capability. Available in Spring . . . read more

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Activating Common Core Essentials

Help for Common Core is Here!

SWPRSC  consultants have designed the new AC²E activity cards with Common Core instruction in mind! Each grade-level set contains 70-80 activity cards with engaging lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards   and comes with a CD of supporting materials.  Each activity include supporting standards and formative assessments ideas.   . . . read more

Current Highlights

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K-12 School Finance: The Clear Facts

for Board Members, Legislators, Community Members, Business Owners, Parents & Educators

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No KAMM in Any Subject Area for 2013-2014 School Year


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